Fenix sponsored the project “Belpasso the city of the 100 sculptures”

As already announced by the profile of the Mayor of Belpasso Ing. Daniele Motta, we had the pleasure of sponsoring as Fenix S.r.l. one of the operas of the project “Belpasso the city of 100 sculptures” an initiative that started in 2014 that is transforming our city into a real open-air museum with works by both famous masters and young promises of contemporary sculpture. Being able to participate in this project and therefore to the enhancement of our territory makes us proud and brings us closer to our company’s mission because day after day we try to achieve through the Research and Experimentation in agriculture with difficult and hard targets like the processing of our lava stone but whose results can be with infinite beauty and durability over time. The dedication goes to our guys and to all our collaborators (represented in the picture by those who support us in the office) who believe in us and whose daily dedication has allowed the realization of this sponsorship.

A special thanks to Vice Mayor Tony Di Mauro for having involved us in the project.

Name of the sculpture: Belpasso between the Etna’stone