Fenix S.r.l. is the first specialized company in consulting services for seed organizations that wish to operate in the market


Born from the idea of a long-experienced professionals’ team of this sector, Fenix offers an innovative and qualified service to seed companies from all over the world who aim to introduce one or more products onto the Italian market.

The knowledge acquired in more than 15 years of activity, the constant research activity aimed at understanding the sector dynamics, the different operators present on the market, the potential of the different products as well as the development trends allows Fenix to verify the concrete opportunities of entering the market while providing a valid strategic and operational support.


The experience acquired through the years helped us in the development of an always updated knowledge of the agronomical and quality needs required by the supply chain. Moreover, we succeeded in the definition of a precise method for the introduction of new products on the Italian market:

  • The right choice of the reference areas where the initial varieties tests have to be made
  • In -depth technical information collecting of the varieties tested
  • Opinion leaders identification where it is important to start a discussion about the varieties you want to introduce
  • Definition of the most efficient market, time and price placement
  • Identification, projecting and development of the main communication tools (meetings, sms, posters, web pages etc.)

Distinctive factors

01. Know-how

In-depth knowledge of the specific productive and commercial realities present in the territory, critical points and development potentialities, strategic aspects necessary for the competitiveness of a product along all the phases of the chain (farmer-consumer).

02. Analysis capabilities

Evaluation of the adaptability of the varieties present in the catalog and the genetic material to the Italian market and the possible reference market’s size.

03. Testing opportunities

Opportunity to test crops on site with reduced risk and significant savings in terms of invested time.

04. Network

A continuously updated database with the contacts and references of the all main Italian horticultural companies and their distribution networks. Direct contacts with the GDO.

05. Reliability

The decennial experience of our consultants, matured on the whole Italian territory, has allowed to acquire a great capital of trust recognized by all the subjects involved in the chain of the sector.GDO.

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