Market surveys

A precise and punctual analysis of the reference market is the base for the success of an investment.

Fenix S.r.l. sets up market surveys depending on the specific company needs identifying the parameters that have to be analyzed and the various details levels.

We specifically identify:

  • Trend
  • Estimated surfaces
  • Reference areas
  • Similar varieties already present on the market
  • Leading products
  • Competitors’ behavior
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the crop in question
  • Market positioning
  • Market prices

Researches on interesting  areas by sector

The Italian territory is very wide and diversified from the horticultural crops point of view. Our experience and knowledge of the various production realities allows us to identify the most suitable cultivation area for the crop in object.

The identification of the most interesting area for the specific crop allows to considerably reduce the time that is necessary to the introduction of a new variety.

Organizing professional travels/trips  into the major interesting areas

The different areas complexity and specificity or specific commercial and distribution needs sometimes make specific visits necessary. Fenix is able to organize complete visit packages while maintaining the utmost attention to the maximum efficiency considering timing and costs.

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