Scientific research

Fenix is constantly looking for high-performance varieties that can add value to the crops

A continuous  work

Ever since it was founded, Fenix has been working on projects for the creation of innovative varieties that could meet the needs of the agri-food chain. An agronomists team has always been at farmers side, constantly screening the different species to test their adaptability to the pedoclimatic conditions of the Mediterranean area.

Thanks to its geographical position in the middle of the Mediterranean basin, Sicily represents a unique place for the selection of valuable plant material. Strong winter temperature range, exceptional summer heat, water salinity, selective pressure of the various pathogens represent a difficult test bench from which high-performance, rustic and, above all, highly adaptable material is produced.

Fenix research is not only limited to Sicily. Experimental fields for the different species are carried out in the most suitable areas and in the most important transplanting periods in the different Mediterranean regions.

Our experimental farm

In the extreme part of Sicily, at a lower latitude than the Tunisian coast, Fenix owns a more than 5 hectares farm, where it carries out the first phase of experimentation for vegetable cultivation.

Under greenhouse, tunnel and open field we recreate the average growing conditions while keeping the all-cultivation parameters under control.

Cultivation trials

Fenix’s experimentation does not stop with the hybrids selection but it goes as far as the study of the best pre-commercial and commercial varieties cultivation techniques. The new hybrids, which are becoming increasingly efficient, require a specific cultivation technique in order to express their potential in the best way possible.

Fenix carries out cultivations of its varieties in order to study the best cultivation techniques and thus providing farmers with useful indications to obtain the desired results.

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