About us

We are a company that believes in people, human relationships, mutual respect and emotions.

The company

Improving ourselves, looking for new solutions that involve wider visions of the market is one of our main objectives. Fenix is a seed and strategic consultancy company which puts its experience at the service of agriculture and research for the realization of projects which can contribute to the growth of the horticultural sector.

Thanks to decades of knowledge of a vast international breeders network, we are able to present a wide range of species and varieties of the highest genetic value on the market.

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Our farm

In the middle of the Mediterranean, at the extreme south of Sicily, Fenix carries out part of its research within its own farm. In addition to selecting new plant material for the Mediterranean basin, thanks to its team of agronomists, it improves the cultivation techniques of commercial varieties in order to provide farmers with the technical necessary support for successful cultivation.

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